Jieyang Riyuan Hardware Products Factory is located in jieyang city rock east town, north river industrial zone, the factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, the main products: all kinds of hinge, glass clip and pin.
  Jieyang Riyuan Hardware Products Factory is a medium-sized factories, set production, trade and development in the integration of production enterprises. Now, has been in: all kinds of brand hinges and OEM OEM hinges.
  The company's advantage:
  Riyuan's main products are: stainless steel hinge, ordinary hinge, stainless steel small hinges, high-grade stainless steel hinge. These products have great demand, the company for very high skill level requirement, is crucial to the requirement of enterprise management and technology, we are committed to create, with loyal, hard-working team, more focus on the establishment of the process, after hard hard work to cultivate employees' professional skills.
  Our mission:
  Riyuan's mission is: to establish a perfect working system and products to meet customer needs, and constantly driven by the pressure, to create greater wealth for people to produce and significance. We are committed to fulfill our mission, maintain the good relationship with customer. In order to increase customer competitiveness, we will continue to design or develop new product according to customer's design.
  Our values:
  Customer first, attaches great importance to the talent is our biggest values, we are committed to provide a good working environment for our employees, respect for the customer. Always put customers and talent in the first place.
  Business purposes:
  Based on our mission and values, I believe we will be able to always provide competitive price and high quality service.
  In order to achieve our goal, we are committed to:
  Quality: in order to ensure that it is believed that our quality, we will strive for ISO9001:2000 quality certification system, the management of the implementation of incoming inspection, process inspection, outgoing inspection, and passing on the lessons of this concept to each employee, use a large number of company resources to train them, a team of professional quality to control the quality. Let all employees know that quality is the life of the enterprise. Without the guarantee of quality, we will lose the customer.
  Cost: the company control to reduce the cost from improvements, reduce waste and improve production efficiency to instill cost: the concept of design, procurement, logistics management, production, delivery and so on each link. Use cost and quality score to assess each hire employees.. Incentives for cost and quality control of active employees, punishment doesn't value quality and waste of employees.